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Go fly a kite!

Worrybomb has been wanting to fly a kite for a little while now, I am not sure what was behind this ( possibly a Peppa-Pig episode?


So when it was windy last weekend, we dug out some kites I had and found one I had made whilst teaching, its a version of a very simple sled kite. All very simple and it dances a round a fair bit and is ideal for a reasonably blustery day.

Worrybomb and her kite
Worrybomb and her kite

It was great fun, she let out the string and I was glad I had remembered to tie the string to the tube and not just wrap it around! It nearly got eaten by the kite eating trees, but we managed to save it and it flew again !!!

I have a couple more single line kites we might try next time, then its on to the flexifoils and the buggy!

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