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Happy Easter

Its Easter and Worrybomb has been busy getting ready for Easter with the help of Mummy WB.

Blowing and decorating eggs for Easter
Blowing and decorating eggs for Easter

First she blew some eggs and painted them.  I can remember doing this and then rolling them down the hill in the garden, unfortunately we don’t have a hill here, but it was nice to remember.  Perhaps the slide…

Easter Bonnet making
Easter Bonnet making

Then it was time to make ones Easter Bonnet.

Easter Bonnet with Chicks  !
Easter Bonnet with Chicks !

Then this morning it was time to hunt for the eggs that the Easter Bunny left.  FOr me as a child a bunny laying eggs was a pretty weird thing, I wasnt overly concerned as there was chocolate to be had, but its only in recent times that the origins started to come clear.  I think Easter was ( another ) pagan festival that was borrowed by the Christians.

A fine Easter Bonnet
A fine Easter Bonnet.


Then after all the work it was time to gather the loot!


unting high and low for the Easter Bunnies gifts
Hunting high and low for the Easter Bunnies gifts

Again, I can remember with Down-under Auntie running around our and the Nannies gardens looking for eggs in little orange and green nets, hunting high and low for them.


Happy Easter All !

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