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Worrybomb Castle

After surviving the pox ( Chicken Pox ), Princess Worrybomb rounded up her serfs and peasants and had them raise a castle so she can look down on us and keep us in check.

Worrybmb Castle
Worrybomb Castle, Princess and her builder big brother

She has taken up residence in the castle formally known as Fort Joella, the castle was abandoned some months ago by the builders who paid the ten pound passage to pastures / beaches new.  Beautifully made in cedar wood with two floors ( great for pouring hot oils onto attackers ) and a ladder, the castle was mothballed until Princess Worrybomb could muster the men to raise its mighty walls once more.

With the help of her groundwork’s team ( WD & O ), she had forests ( plants and bulbs ) cleared by Mummy WB, the ground levelled, slabs laid and the wonderful castle erected near her borders ( and beans and garlic patch ) so she can be queen of all she sees!

I think the Mike the Knight should be worried !

Lots of help from her big brother who helped massively in the digging and dirt clearance.

Worrybomb Castle
The attackers view

I think its nearly time to get a small bow, for Worrybomb to use to fend off the dirty rascals below.  Just don’t tell Mummy WB ( or the cat  !! )!

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  1. The Rustys

    Gorgeous pictures, glad to see the Fort in very good hands xxxx

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