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The Island of Adventure

Earlier in the summer we went camping down in the New Forest ( near where the Famous Five was set ).  Today we went across the sea to ride on the Isle of Wight.  It was a day very like the beach trip we did last year, only much warmer.

We set off just before lunch from Lymington, we walked our bikes on board the ferry ( the Wight Light ) before all the cars were allowed on. Being the first on, we rushed up to the top to get a good seat on the sun deck.


It was a little chilly even in the sun, so went back inside.  About half way across, Worrybomb took off her helmet and cycling mitts.


We arrived in Yarmouth then headed south towards Freshwater Bay on the old railway line.  The ride was lovely, nice and gentle for little legs and it was sunny and warm all the way.


We raced along the edge of the River Yar on good dry gravel tracks, stopping every now and then for blackberries.


After about three miles we arrived at one of my favorite places on the island,   Freshwater Bay.  Here we bought ice creams from Freshwater Bays independent life boat shop on the front.


Then we played on the beach, paddled and enjoyed the late September sun.


The helmet did come off with the shoes and socks eventually.


The lifeboat slipway was nice and warm even with the chilly sea water.




Other than a slightly damp bottom, we managed to stay reasonably dry for the ride home.  Next time we will come earlier and bring a towel and costume.  Mind you, I think I want a wet suit !


Then it was time to head back to the boat, this time the Wight Sky and the drive home.

We had a super time and its a very easy cycle route with only about half a mile or so on roads.  With ice cream and maybe a trip to Dimbola Lodge for cake next time we are looking forward to doing it again soon !

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  1. Jon

    Looks like you had a great time Chris with WB. It’s been the perfect Autumn day hasn’t it. Good to see all the action and the smiles….!

    I have enjoyed every minute of my bike ride, and had I not done the same (but a different route) yesterday would have stayed out later. Muscles are aching after eight hours yesterday and five today

    I’ve found my post of similar, and now I’m smiling too! http://jsb13.blogspot.co.uk/2008/09/nine-not-out.html

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