In the tunnel Worrybomb Dad

The tunnel of adventure

We rode through railway tunnels! Riding from Market Harborough towards Northampton on the old railway line.



It has two long ( 400 m plus ) tunnels, and as it was a railway the hills are pretty easy and even on her now far too small a bike, easy going.


The tunnels need lights and they are very very dark inside with just one chimney / air vent in the center.


George R Stevenson ( Nephew of the George Stevenson ) designed the Northampton to Market Harborough.  Its had a chequred past opening and closing several times, with the last train running in the early 80s.  Now its Sustrans Cycle Route 6.  A lovely well drained carless route of around 15 miles.  Lovely and wide, easy to ride.

A small part of the railway has been opened by volunteers as the Northampton and Lamport Railway.  We didn’t get that far, but Worrybomb has seen it before.


Bits of the trail were funded by the Millennium project and there are several bits of art and locally inspired art on the trail.
2015-0013285 2015-0013287

The train noises we made really echoed well, it must have been very noisy coming through in a steam engine!

The last tunnel.

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