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Barbury Castle

Worrybomb is studying the Saxons at school and we headed over to Barbury Castle near Swindon to see a Saxon ring fort.

In the 6th century the site became part of the Saxon kingdom of Wessex, following the defeat of the Romano-British at the Battle of Beranburgh, Beran Byrig or Beranbyrig in AD 556, the site of which is just north of the castle. ( Wikipedia ).

Worrybomb scaled the steep sides of the defensive ditches.

The castle is a bit like the one at Uffington and I think you can see both from each other, so the views are super and being ontop of a hill its often pretty windy.


Then after walking around the inner rings, we flew a kite!

She was so good, that we went flying the next day with flexifoil traction and Powerhouse stunt kites !!!  Unfortunately the wind dropped a bit and big kites need wind, so we came home.



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