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Paris is always a good idea

Eurostar at Gare du Nord.  Photo by Worrybomb

Worrybomb has been continuing her travels, this time to Paris !  It was our first time on the EuroStar and slightly odd to be eating lunch under the Channel at 300 km per hour.  We spent 4 days in the city, walking, metro-ing and seeing all sorts of wonderful things.


Outside the Notre Dame
From outside Sacré-Cœur,
The Eiffel Tower at night
In the Lourve

We took part in the That Lou treasure hunt around the Louvre, in between trying to find specific works and find clues, Worrybomb liked this painting and after much consideration thought it was her favorite of all.

Jacques-Louis David – The Intervention of the Sabine Women, Oil on canvas,

We were joined by Pirate S who kept us on the straight and narrow and tried in vain to stop us from eating too may crepes and ice-creams.  She also helped on the treasure hunt where not only did we have to find things, but also use the art to get extra points by solving clues and doing daring deeds, although you cant see it, there were hundreds of people in the room ( its the Mona Lisa room !) when the photo below was taken, but in the pursuit of points, nothing is too much!  To avoid spoilers, the reason for this will be glossed over, it could just be a hobby. We did pretty well scoring over 75% and we got to see parts of the museum we probably wouldn’t have gone too.

30 extra points for posing by a huge picture in front of 250 people

We walked a long way, Worrybombs fit-bit reckoned over 10 miles in total !  But the odd detour found us all sorts of wonderful things such as a chap creating the most amazing bubbles.  I am still not sure if he was doing it for any other reason than that it was fun.

Chasing bubbles in the Courtyard of the Hotel de Ville
Grom, the best gelato in Paris

Theres always room for a crepe we discovered !

Breakfast Crepes

On the last day we headed back up the hill and found a very French Artist be to sketched by.

Being sketched in Montmartre

We walked over 28 miles, ate ( well some of us did ! ) 4 crepes, had two ice creams, saw hundreds of works of art and statues, spoke French, tipped musicians on the Metro, did a dance outside the Notre Dame,saw lots of fun things, climbed ( well went up on the funicular ) up to the top of the Sacré-Cœur twice and was sketched all in a long weekend. Worrybomb loved the city. So like Audrey is oft misquoted, she thought to that, “Paris is always a good idea

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