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Mudlarking and Chocolate

Carefully honing our pirate skills, we went hunting for treasure on the banks of the Thames and in the chocolate shops of London.

Under licence we had a look to see what can be seen at low tide with a little Mudlarking.

There is an amazing number of circa 18th century evidence on the foreshore, old clay pipes being the easiest to spot.  But also older things if sought, Some Roman remains are obvious as well as more recent Victorian etc.  Being tidal, there is very little modern plastic waste.

We found pipe bulbs, collections of old nails used in boat building and lots of pottery some possibly from the middle ages.

Then afterwards, we went on a chocolate hunt, stopping at the cities oldest chocolate shops Charbonnel and Walker ( the eldest ) and Prestat ( second eldest and favoured by Roald Dahl ).

Both shops are great for a visit, with wonderful staff who let a certain person try a few chocolates before we bought any.

Then a leisurely stroll back to the station and home.  This homeward move was halted by us spotting a Grom near to Regents Street.  This means Worrybomb has had a super Grom gelato in three different countries now!


A super end to the summer holidays


  1. Worrybomb

    I enjoyed it so much 🙂

  2. Worrybomb

    i enjoyed it a lot 🙂

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