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The Worrybomb can now crawl!

Worrybomb can crawl
Worrybomb can crawl

For a while she has been able to sit up and has been trying to move by kneeling and almost jumping like a frog, but this week, she finally with the aid of some keys for encouragement made her first controled crawls.

Within days she has nearly mastered the crawl and has been discovering the house.

The images on this page were taken at her Great Aunts BBQ which the whole Worrybomb clan attended.  So W had a big audience to show of her new crawling skills.

Worrybomb and her big sister
Worrybomb and her big sister

Nanny H was also there to see the new mobility!

Nanny H and Worrybomb
Nanny H and Worrybomb

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  1. Finally found a decent Dad blog!

    I’ve got all this to come in the near future, so I’m pleased to see it’s not all as bad as others make out.

    I’ve been trying to get my thoughts down at dawnofthedad.wordpress.com as everything seems to be a blur at the mo – I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. And I’ll be subscribing to here, too.


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